Getting going

A lovely sunny-if-windy day; Maggie at preschool; Tamsin miraculously asleep in the car on the way home from Rhythm Time. Too good to miss: I zipped home for seeds, tools, gardening clothes and to neck a quick coffee then up to the allotment. Sowed a 1.5-m row of parsnips – my books say to do it on a still day as they dislike wind (light seeds, might blow away) but the people who write these books do not live in the real world – and little gem lettuces evenly spaced in between, as much to provide some distraction for the slugs as in any hope of producing edible lettuces.
The obligatory 20-minute coffee break in the conservatory – the social side is important too – then I moved a piece of carpet and forked over the area it had been covering, pulling out as many weed roots as I could. I then dug up all but the remaining two Jerusalem artichoke plants on the old patch (noting they are starting to re-grow so it is definitely time), offloaded a bucket load onto the old boys and re-planted some on my forked patch.
My purple-sprouting is still neither purple nor sprouting but a fine leafy green. The gooseberry bush has leaves coming so it wasn’t killed by the move (hooray). Rhubarb leaves are showing all crinkled and pink, and the garlic is looking ok.

It was good for the soul to get out today.

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