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Friday, October 24th, 2008

That’s my girl.

One more tale of woe

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Poor me.

Cameron left for Japan* at 7 am on Saturday: I was left to shiver achily under a blanket on the sofa while the children trashed the house. (I am still full of cold and yet to find the energy to pick up all the bits from every single jigsaw we own and sort them into the appropriate boxes: it is a good job Cameron is still away as he doesn’t tolerate bits on the floor terribly well.)

Tamsin fell off a bridgey thing at Tumbletots on Monday and smacked her head on the floor. I am hoping that is her third thing and she will be ok now: she is such an urchin with hacked hair, pointy teeth and a bruise. She does have a whole lovely new winter wardrobe though, as I got a bit carried away at Mothercare.

On the very bright and exciting side: Maggie brought home her very first reading book last week and (mostly) read it to me! Am very proud.

*so I was already sulking.

First hair, now teeth…

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Just back from the dentist: T fell flat on her face in the kitchen this morning and chipped her front two teeth. Poor wee mite. (Seems quite cheery now and is doing her very best with some bread even though they must hurt.) Dentist says they don’t have to be taken out (phew), chances are the second teeth underneath shouldn’t be damaged (phew) but they might go greyish or even black. And to give her calpol (ha ha ha perhaps she’d like to come and do it – it is easier to give pills to a cat).

We had planned to go to the village toddler group for the second time this morning, but are now going to have a nice quiet day at home instead. I went once when we moved here, with M, but she was too old really. Then we were Very Brave last week and tried it again (mother and toddler groups can be quite scary, if you are a wuss like me. I mean, they are not actually scary. But full of women who know each other and don’t know you.) It was fine! Better than that, it was nice. Only about 14 mums and babies, crumpets for the little ones to eat, and a nice old lady came at the end to play the piano for songs.

While I am here (I don’t seem to be, much, at the moment), let me recommend a lovely holiday cottage in the Peak District: Harthill Hall. There were 23 of us and we stayed in the Manor House (trampoline, games room with wii, hot tub) but there are smaller cottages for smaller groups. We bagsied the master bedroom with an enormous 4-poster and a claw-footed bath int he middle of the room; it had a small anteroom (cupboard) with a tiny bed in, just right for M who thought she was a princess in a castle. Most people walked but we just stayed put: the children bounced for almost the entire weekend and I read a book!