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Allotment diary – first of 2009, hooray!

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Am sorely out of shape, and will hurt tomorrow. The sun was shining though, so while everybody else went to the zoo (elephants, bats, monkeys, warthogs, LUNCH), I hit the allotment.
Sowed an optimistic little row of “rainbow” carrot seeds in the raised bed; dug Jerusalem artichokes that we must eat this week. Dug and dug horrible weeds from the area I want for early potatoes; nettle, ground-sodding-elder and some weird spiky things that I think might be raspberries gone bad. And thistles. Oh, the thistles. Cleared armfuls of dried-up weeds into the compost so I can spray soon – organic sensibilities be damned, I just want a fair run at it this year. Covered the designated bean area with some weed membrane as it is actually fairly clear just now and I would prefer it to stay that way. Planted a gooseberry bush that Dave from the next plot had kindly donated, and pruned it and its friend.
When I was too tired to dig any more, I sat in the mud and weeded half of what I still optimistically refer to as the cutting patch (only tulips just now). Hasn’t done much for my manicure.