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Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Eek! April! Easter! Spring! And no seeds sown yet!

To be fair it is only just spring isn’t it; I don’t think either I or the seeds have been much in the mood before now (you proper gardener types: have you been out there in your fleeces since February?).

After last year’s allotment debacle I find myself with just two raised beds (and pots, there is always pots*). I made Cameron fill the beds last week, and today with sun shining and girls whinging irritatingly playing happily in the background, I have made a start. The use of raised beds rather than acres and acres of lovely land has in practice ruled out potatoes and probably beans, although I have not completely rejected the idea of a bamboo wigwam occupying half of one of the beds and/or climbing beans over the playhouse. Today I have sown direct beetroot**, peas, salad, chrysanth greens and carrots, and tiny modules with aubergines, cucumber, tomatoes, kale, PSB and shiso. I have started some parsnips on damp kitchen roll and also plan to grow squashes of some sort, courgettes, herbs, leeks and, um, I can’t remember what else. Have I missed anything essential?

Of course, if we move I will lose them all. But no bugger seems to want to come and look around at the moment, and I can hardly leave the beds all empty to grow weeds (plus I enjoy sowing and growing for its own sake not just the end result). (Which is fortunate, really.)

*Is always pots? Are always pots?
**No, nobody does, much. But it is compulsory I understand.