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Number three

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Baby J is 6 months old. Six months! (And some weeks: it takes a good fortnight to get a post written these days.) And I find I am yet to write her birth story, which is not fair as I did Maggie‘s and Tamsin‘s), and somehow I haven’t written a thing here since April. Pesky facebook. She’s grand though: she sits, she moves around though not forwards yet, she is most enthusiastic about food and all she wants, really, is for somebody to take some notice and pay her some attention. Maggie and Tamsin adore her (though I am prepared for this to change when she starts properly moving and getting in the way).

(Birth story hidden behind the break for those of a delicate constitution – easier to write than the others as I have actually been treated like a grown up – that’s lovely independent midwives for you – and been allowed a copy of my notes)