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Intentions for November (a shameless list)

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Shamelessly ripped off from Earthenwitch:

– My main aim this month has to be Retaining My Sanity while Doing It All Alone. Cameron has four – four! – overseas trips lined up, totalling an estimated* 16 or so nights away, interrupting three weekends and let’s not even talk about how rubbishly jetlagged and knackered he’ll be in between.

Given that, the rest of my list is fairly low-key:

– I seem to have taken my eye off the ball and accidentally gone back to work. While this is a very gentle few-hours-a-week, these few hours have to come from somewhere and I haven’t yet quite figured out where that might be.
– find Shoes to go with my Dress (and preferably without having to visit every single shoeshop in Cheshire)
– T’s birthday (including parties etc); J’s naming ceremony
– make a few little pressies for a few little people, mostly Christmas-related
– buy or at least decide upon the rest. Oh, and provide various family members with great ideas for me, Cameron and the girls without, of course, giving away the best ideas and leaving me nothing to get people.
– find out who is going to be here for Christmas; people are being irritatingly coy about it. I need to plan meals!
– make something festive along the lines of pudding or cake or mincemeat. I am not very big on celebrating the birth of our lord through the medium of dried fruit, mainly because I can always find something else I would rather eat (apart from sprouts), but it is trad.
– make stollen, which is entirely different and freezes divinely
– clear away old sad tomato plants
– muck out the playroom including all the way to the bottom of the huge toy box
– get rid of outgrown baby clothes.

* he hasn’t shared the details of the last one yet but given that it is to India, unlikely to be an overnighter.