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November update; December intentions, shameless or otherwise

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

That Earthenwitch is at it again. Of November’s intentions, I did survive sanity intact thanks mainly to some very good friends, both local and very old, my crack team of babysitters, and rather a lot of wine. Tamsin’s birthday went off very well; she was overheard singing “I’m four I’m four happy four I  used to be three but now I am four” from which one deduces that she enjoyed her special day – a few photos here. Shoes to go with my Dress were located at the back of my wardrobe, which is always nice. Jenny’s naming day was fabulously cold, crisp and clear: the humanist ceremony was just lovely, then we had a wee tramp around the zoo (the baby giraffe!), then back for warm winter pimms and afternoon tea. Even my mass catering efforts over the weekend went reasonably well, with the more senior members of the family being astonished by nachos. I like to astonish.

None of the other intentions were realised, which allows me to add them to December’s list, as follows:

-finish making the pressies that are nearly done; felt a couple more stars to go with the lonely one and make it look like a theme not an accident; open some of the children’s Christmas craft sets and do something with them.

-list of presents is made so next I must purchase.

-cards! Must not miss last posting date for abroad this year.

-J’s birthday

-sad tomato plants still in garden, currently under an inch of snow (just the one)

-muck out playroom, get rid of too-small baby clothes yadda yadda yadda

-find next-size-up clothes for J and figure out if she needs things

-get roof fixed, carpet cleaned, etc