From baby to toddler

She walks! Only a couple of metres unaided, and very wobbly at that, but give her a little finger to hold and she can do the full length of the house. She is safe up and down stairs (though I still have kittens if she tries to combine the two, walking and stairs). She climbs on anything that is left accessible, favourite being the wobbly old wooden chair in the kitchen.

She talks! Nana (banana); mama (me); gong-gong-gong (no idea); uh-oh (I have thrown my dinner/the clean washing on the floor); gak-gak (the noise a duck makes)

She plays! She rocks a baby doll and bangs drums. Favourite is anything that has beepy tunes and/or flashy lights:  no waldorf child, this. She disappears upstairs for hours with the big girls: they play Barbies, I have no idea what she does.

She points! Most forcefully, we are left in no doubt that what she needs is That Thing There.

She doesn’t sleep! She eats on a pattern best known to herself! When she does, she loves minestrone soup, bananas, shepherds pie, and thinks egg is weird.

3 Responses to “From baby to toddler”

  1. Sinead
    February 3rd, 2011 20:48

    She is beautiful.

  2. Earthenwitch
    February 4th, 2011 11:31

    She is definitely one of yours, isn’t she? Looks like her lovely sisters. 🙂

  3. LisaD
    February 17th, 2011 15:48

    Oh, she’s so gorgeous. And Isla has that ladybird, too!

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